About Nivaria

Who is Nivaria?

Nivaria was created with the goal of giving moms the opportunity to wear a elegant bag, handcrafted in Italy by the best leather craftsperson and with the best materials. We make sure to represent a mom who likes to continue with her style even after motherhood, while also making it possible to use the bag in different situations. Therefore, the project was created with the mother (and not just the baby) in mind. The result is not just a simple changing bag, but a real bag for moms. This is the inspiring idea behind the whole project.

Functionality was a crucial element of the bag's design, in terms of space, ergonomics, weight, and also to make it easier to find items.

Our corporate philosophy?

Values: At Nivaria, we firmly believe in authenticity as the foundation of its identity. Each product is the result of a passion for creating unique items. With an eye always on innovation, we develop solutions that celebrate mothers, placing them at the center of our universe. Our products are designed to accompany new mothers on their journey, ensuring they maintain their primary role and unique style, even after childbirth. At Nivaria, the mother is not just a supporting figure; she is the protagonist of each of our innovations.

Mission: to be the one-stop shop for moms who crave the finest.

Vision: to become a solid community that makes moms happy. 

 Who's behind Nivaria? Let me introduce myself:

Founder Nivaria - diaper bags

I am Yurena PΓ©rez, founder of Nivaria and mommy of a little boy. From Spain, I inherited my passion, and from my love for Italy, I cultivated my sense of romance. These two forces guide and inspire me every day.

I produce exclusive products for moms. Over time I have developed empathy and understanding for the needs and desires of modern moms, guiding my passion in creating products that reflect their authenticity and unique lifestyle, because they are not just products, but a unique and meaningful experience.

Your feedback is appreciated! If you would like to send us suggestions or criticisms, or simply express your opinion about Nivaria products:  info@nivariaclub.com

We will certainly take your ideas into account for future series πŸ’š

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