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Shocking 30's | Bags for mothers Nivaria

The concept of female beauty and trends are constantly changing. The 30s are an era characterized by the search for glamour. Women acquire more femininity than in the previous decade in which a female figure with androgenic characteristics prevailed. Certainly the accessories become an indispensable element. Bags and costume jewellery, and therefore accessories, explode as a true expression of fashion.

Women show off their day bag, evening bag, cocktail bag, beach bag and outing bag. In the evening glamor prevails with long dresses, very deep necklines even on the back that allow you to wear a great variety of costume jewelery pieces, a real boom. It goes too far with silk and mother-of-pearl bags . In the evening everything is glamorous!

Jazz-1930-Mothers Bags Nivaria

Cartier and Tiffany launch their accessories connected to the bag (beauty and cigarette case), expensive, sober and elegant. At the end of the 30s bags began to be made of leather (snake, crocodile, etc.). The interior spaces became much more functional with many compartments.

Among the most influential designers of this moment we find an Italian woman, Elsa Schiaparelli, who will set the trend of this era. For the first time he will intertwine the concept of female beauty with surrealism. She will make collaborations with Salvador Dali that will lead her to be an iconic figure. Among the many things he designed we can mention some unique garments from the time: the round bag with a short wrist strap, his hat in the shape of an inside out shoe and the trompe l'oeil sweater with bow (making use of the optical illusion ).

With Schiaparelli and Dalì extravagant and mythical creations are born such as the famous "lobster dress" a true jewel of the time. In the mid-1930s, Schiaparelli pink appeared, which later became shocking pink (shade of magenta). Several museums around the world have dedicated exhibitions to her.

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