Quanto è importante l'artigianalità nella moda? | Borse in pelle Nivaria - Nivaria

How important is craftsmanship in fashion? | Nivaria leather bags

Having a handcrafted bag in all its phases means having a true work of art in your hand. In fact, handmade means care, precision and commitment. Those with an interest in fashion will no doubt appreciate the "artisanal" label because it offers exclusivity, high quality and responsible manufacturing. The production techniques are linked to the knowledge, skill and experience of the craftsman, which come from the traditions of the "marroquinero" tanner.

Exclusive bags - handcrafted

Who is the tanner/marroquinero? He is an expert in the tanning and treatment of vegetable products in all stages of production. The word marroquinero comes from the French "maroquin" for how skilled the Moroccans were in working with leather. It is therefore a true tradition that should never die out, giving its rightful value also in the fashion sector. Tan instead from "comptus" which means adorned, elegant.

Choosing the right materials is a key element. The material determines both the perceived quality and the life cycle of the product itself. In fact, a high quality leather guarantees a series of essential properties for a bag, such as flexibility, impermeability, resistance to wear and scratches. Furthermore, the high quality of the leathers used will guarantee the integrity and beauty of the internal and external surfaces over time.

However, production does not stop at leather processing. Behind the bag we find a lot of work: from the design to the final delivery to the customer we can find many phases: market research, supplier inspections, choice of materials, marketing activities and much more. All this makes the bag become a unique product.

Purse stages - Nivaria

Nivaria bags were created to meet the functional needs linked to the need to always have the daily necessities for your child with you, following his development, and at the same time everything the mother needs to face her day. In parallel, the Nivaria bags allow you to continue a specific style even after maternity.

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