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Pregnancy Belly

Stages, changes, and tips to feel beautiful 

How does the belly change during pregnancy?

One of the most anticipated moments for a woman who has just found out she is pregnant is undoubtedly the growth of the baby bump, which will accompany the future mother month by month.

If you are wondering how your belly will change during pregnancy, Nivaria, a brand specialized in bags for mothers and beauty products for newborns, would like to accompany you on this exciting journey.

The First Act: (1-3 Months) 

As life makes its way within you, you might not notice any evident change in your belly. However, some women begin to feel a slight abdominal swelling caused by the increase in progesterone and the growth of the uterus.

The Second Act: (4-6 Months) 

In the second trimester, your belly rounds out, becoming a visible sign of the little being that is growing inside you. The uterus expands, making room for your baby and the amniotic fluid that protects it. And just when you start to get used to your new silhouette, here comes a surprise: towards the end, the first movements. Perhaps a gentle flutter, like a butterfly flapping its wings 💛

The Third Act: (7-9 Months) 

As you approach the goal, the uterus, now large and majestic, can gently shift the nearby organs causing some discomfort such as gastroesophageal reflux and breathing difficulties. In this phase, you might also notice the appearance of stretch marks. And then there are they, the kicks of your baby, now strong and decisive. When you feel them, you can imagine their face, their little hands, their scent. It is the most engaging phase, the one in which you choose the crib, the diapers, the first outfits. Every purchase is a step towards the meeting with your little treasure.

Here are some precious tips to feel beautiful and comfortable during pregnancy and after childbirth:

Exercises for the Belly, Diastasis, and Pelvic Floor: During pregnancy, focus on exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. Avoid sudden movements and excessive strain. After childbirth, consult a physiotherapist for specific exercises that help prevent a flabby belly and rectal diastasis (the separation of the abdominal muscles). Pelvic floor contractions: sit or lie down, contract the pelvic floor muscles as if you were holding back urine. Hold for 5 seconds and release. Repeat.

Hydration and Stretch Mark Prevention: Use specific creams or oils for pregnancy to keep the skin hydrated. Gently massage the belly, hips, and breasts to improve skin elasticity.

Stretching and Back Pain: During pregnancy, do stretching exercises to relieve muscle tension and prevent back pain.

Rest: Sleep now or keep your eyes open forever! Jokes aside, take advantage of every moment of rest before childbirth, because afterward, sleep will become a distant memory.

After childbirth, you might discover that your hair decides to go on a sort of “strike”. But don’t worry, it’s all normal. Postpartum hair loss is a common phenomenon. But here’s the good news: it’s temporary. After a few months, your hair will grow back as usual. And as for the breasts, after postpartum or post-breastfeeding emptying, they may become flaccid and deflated.

Motherhood is a journey of transformation (it’s not just a physical metamorphosis, but also a path of inner growth that refines moral maturity). Always remember, you are still beautiful! With some care and a bit of patience, you will soon be back in shape 💕

Our mother’s bags and newborn beauty products are designed to be your allies in everyday life, offering you elegant and practical solutions that make you feel cared for and appreciated. Every detail reflects our dedication to putting women at the center, so you can live motherhood with style, comfort, and confidence.

Nivaria understands the importance of feeling good in your own body, especially after childbirth. For this reason, each product is a tribute to your strength and beauty, a reminder that, despite the challenges, you are and will always be a wonderful woman.

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We want to hear your story. If you like, share in the comments the moments when you felt you had to put yourself aside after childbirth and how you found your space and beauty again. Your voice is important to us and can be an inspiration for other mothers who are on the same path."

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