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What is PMA (Assisted Procreation)?

What is PMA and How Can It Help on the Path to Motherhood?

Hello Nivaria moms! In a rapidly changing world, the desire to become a mother remains a constant, a dream shared by many women. For some, the path to motherhood can be more complex, requiring the support of Assisted Procreation (PMA).

Among the most common procedures we find:

  • IUI (intrauterine insemination): Sperm are washed and concentrated, and then injected into the woman's uterus during ovulation. These little warriors seek the magical encounter, ready to give life to a new story 💚

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF-ICSI): Imagine two kindred spirits, two halves of a whole, seeking and desiring each other. In a high-tech laboratory, the ideal environment is created for their meeting: In vitro fertilization (IVF). With ICSI, a superhero sperm is injected directly into the oocyte, giving rise to a new life. A romantic encounter, like a bag welcoming its beauty 💘

Nivaria, your Italian brand of mommy bags and baby beauty, accompanies you on this journey full of hope, offering you not only the highest quality products, but also a virtual hug and a community of united moms.

When is PMA necessary?

Determining the right time to start a PMA journey requires careful consideration of several aspects: the woman's age, the quality and quantity of the man's sperm, the time spent trying to conceive, the ovarian reserve, and the presence of any diseases of the reproductive system. These are all factors that influence the decision. Each couple is unique, and what is right for one may not be right for another. We cannot unravel the thread of fertility through the experiences of others or online forums. Each case is unique, like a mosaic of hopes and uncertainties. It is important to consult a fertility expert who can guide the couple through a personalized analysis of their situation.

Nivaria: At your side every step of the way

Embarking on an Assisted Procreation (PMA) journey is like sailing on a stormy sea. It means embracing an adventure full of contrasting emotions, immense joys but also moments of discouragement. It is essential to face this journey with the right mood, a mix of inner strength, resilience and positivity. Be prepared for anything, because there will be moments of failure, cancellations and unforeseen events along the way. The key to success is to persevere and experience each experience with serenity, even in the face of disappointments.

It's like opening a book: every needle, every test, every detail will reveal to you a new aspect of human reproduction. You will see the miracle of life from a new perspective! You will learn about follicles, eggs, and embryos. You will discover how sperm dance towards the egg, how cells divide and how life takes root in the uterus. It will be a journey of learning and wonder.

It is certainly not a walk in the park, but on the way, you will meet other souls like you. Women who carry in their hearts the same light of hope. You will share stories, hugs, and tears of joy and not only that. These PMA moms will become part of your life, like sisters on a special journey.

A big round of applause to all the moms who are facing the journey of Assisted Procreation (PMA). Nivaria has shared this information with the intention of being helpful to those who may not yet know this path or feel alone on this journey. PMA is a path of hope and resilience, and every step brings you closer to your dream of motherhood.

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Good luck, courage and love on this extraordinary journey!

With love,


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