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Giving Birth with the Moon: The Symbolism of Birth

A Journey Between Magic and Reality: The Power of the Moon in Childbirth.

Welcome to our space for mothers and mothers-to-be, a place where passion blends with the magic of life. I wanted to share with you a fascinating journey, a path that unites the ancestral power of the moon with the sublime moment of childbirth.

Whether you are pregnant, have already given birth to a child, or desire to be a mother, you are the main character in this wonderful adventure. In this article, we will explore the symbolism of the moon during childbirth, immersing ourselves in a world of mystery, power, and connection, where every woman, regardless of the type of childbirth, is the protagonist of a magical and symbolic event.

The Moon and Birth: An Ancient and Mystical Bond

Since time immemorial, our ancestors have looked to the night sky, observing how the moon influenced the tides and natural cycles. But the link between the moon and life is much deeper: the moon has always been seen as a symbol of femininity, growth, and regeneration. When a woman carries a new being inside her, it is not only a miracle of life, but a cosmic dance in which the moon itself seems to dance in her womb. This ancient and mysterious connection between the moon and motherhood is the beating heart of our journey, uniting all women in a circle of lunar light. Are you ready to join us in this celestial dance?

The Lunar Phases and Childbirth

  • New Moon: Like the new moon, when everything is dark and hidden, so is the early stage of pregnancy. Cells multiply, and life develops in secret.
  • First Quarter: The waxing crescent moon represents growth. Your body expands, and the baby makes its way towards the light.
  • Full Moon: The full moon is the time of childbirth. The intense light illuminates the path as the mother gives birth to her treasure.
  • Last Quarter: The waning moon symbolizes transition. The baby adapts to the outside world, and the mother transforms into a new version of herself.

Your Strength and Your Authenticity

Dear mother, you are powerful. You have gone through sleepless nights, felt your body expand, and given birth to new life. You are the guardian of an ancient secret, and the moon smiles at you with pride. Remember, every woman is unique and every birth is a magical event, regardless of the method. Whether you have given birth naturally or by cesarean section, you are a bearer of life. This role makes you special and connects you to a universal circle of mothers. This is where Club Nivaria comes in. Nivariaclub not only celebrates motherhood and the uniqueness of each mother, but also offers a network where mothers can connect, share their experiences, and find support. Like Club Nivaria, we believe that every mother deserves to be celebrated and supported on her unique journey.

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Ormai é scienza l’influsso dei cicli lunari sulla gravidanza. Come ogni mamma anch’io sono andata a curiosare mentre custodivo la crescita della mia bimba dentro di me. Per celebrata, ad ogni quarto di luna accendevo un incenso e bruciavo salvia dedicando a lei e al mondo che l’attendeva pensieri di gioia, pace, amore e tanta tanta gratitudine.


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