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Being a Mom | Nivaria mother bag

Once you become a mother it is clear that you have to change many things in your life: schedules, free time and a long etcetera. You can say goodbye for quite a while to your purses or clutch bags. You need space, and not only that, it's not just the size that counts, but also the way the space is organized.

If you are a mother with tight schedules (I'd say 99%) maybe you should bring the tablet or a small laptop to the pitch, or to the pool, while your child is swimming, or some other activity, to always have everything you need .

I love mom - I love rock - Nivaria mom bag

What does it mean to be a mom? It means having a responsibility to protect and look after a little person who is entirely up to you. Get up in the middle of the night every time without feeling tired, never lose sight of medical checkups, school enrollment dates, sports and a long etcetera. But not only that, it means completely changing your life, your time and your priorities.

Help them make the right choices, set a good example for them, help them grow. And then homework, school, friends ... in short, a long list that never ends ... For the child, however, the mother means the guide, the person who translates his world, the person who will call every time who is afraid, or needs something.

No language can express the power, beauty, heroism and majesty of maternal love (E. Hubbell Chapin).

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