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Comparison of fashion magazines | Bags for mothers

On the market there is a vast range of publishing products of the "fashion industry". In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about sustainable fashion in the main fashion magazines. Today it is no longer possible to consider the world of fashion separate from sustainability. In fact, the theme of sustainability is highly valued and controlled. In 2022 "the business of fashion - BOF" published its report on sustainability in the fashion world with regard to luxury brands, large-scale distribution and sportswear brands:

BOF sustainability analysis 2022

On the other hand, there are those who also consider the theme of sustainability as a complementary element, but turn to the female figure as a central element of their editorial line. On Vogue, for example, we can admire very elegant dresses with excellent quality materials, see artistic photos, accessories such as jewels, shoes and bags. The bags, which from its pages, inspire us with their total looks. Small bags, large bags, in leather, in fabric, with shoulder strap or handle... an infinite number of possibilities.

Other magazines like Elle , present us with different products, tell us about fashion but not only. Through a woman's perspective, she also talks about politics, cinema, music, make-up, perfumes, accessories and much more.

Another fashion magazine that could not miss is Cosmopolitan . Here we find many interviews, ethical advice on fashion and diet, we can also see a variety of well-known products and others, at least for me, completely new.

Lastly I would like to mention Vanity Fair , which I find to be a magazine with a captivating "content mix". The January 2023 issue has an engaging interview with Samantha Cristoforetti, a very interesting mom and astronaut. Even the figure of man takes on a role in this magazine. As far as fashion is concerned, we can find jewels/ bags total looks with many possible combinations. They have certainly not forgotten the high altitude both in the mountains and in space, in fact: GLAMOR at high altitude!

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Fashion magazines - does the mommy bag have a place?

But don't bags for mothers find their place in these fashion magazines? There are many videos on various social networks (Instagram, Youtube, etc.), which I find very nice, in which Vogue shows what the models/actresses keep in their bags: "in the bag". Who knows what famous moms might show us in their maternity bag? Which ones have they chosen and if they continue with her style even after maternity leave.

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