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Color trend 2023 | Nivaria bags for mothers

Deciding on the color of the first “limited edition” series of our Nivaria mother bag took some time. It took several meetings and various proposals. It is known that mothers really like pastel colors, delicate and tender like the baby (blue, pink, mint...). However, it is also true that neutral colors are among the most chosen when it comes to matching clothes, and also to different situations.

Going black would have definitely been playing it safe when it comes to matching, but we have to take into consideration the want or need of the mum when looking for her maternity bag . At this point, the most suitable color became clear to us: a neutral and delicate color, which can be combined with almost anything, perfect!

It must be said that there was a very curious figure who inspired us A LOT with regard to shades. On Instagram @nivariamom you can find out.

In fact, colors are a fundamental part of the product and its packaging. For this reason every year Pantone Color Institute launches the color trend of the year for many sectors that adhere. 2023 has the pantone 18-1750 – Viva Magenta as its protagonist color. A vibrant and vital shade of red that according to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute , is inspired by the cochineal. For the launch of the new "color of the year", Pantone has collaborated with some important brands in the fashion and hi-tech world.

Fashion, design, beauty, graphics but not only, even the creative cuisine and perfumes are inspired by the protagonist color of the year. What will 2023 smell like? Maybe it will smell like pomegranate liqueur, strawberry liqueur, or cherry liqueur. The taste will perhaps lead us to Tropea onions, radishes or red beets…

An example of creative cuisine that takes the concept of fashion and transfers it to dishes is Evviva in cucina, @evvivaincucina (Instagram). In 2023 Evviva in cucina takes the magenta trend and makes us fantasize with its rigatoni with beetroot cream, or with its magenta risotto and many other delights.

Creative cooking - magenta red in the kitchen. Cooking and fashion @hurrayincucina

And it is Evviva in cucina who has created for Nivaria a series of mini bags for mothers and not only, made of marzipan and with the trend color of 2023. Evviva Magenta ! Thank you with all my heart.

Mini marzipan mums bags - Evviva creation for Nivaria @hurrayincucina

And the fashion? What will 2023 bring us? It seems that leather jackets have an important place. Cherry red tones and even intense colors are perfectly combined with black. Leather seems to be suitable for any type of occasion. Valentino and Louis Vuitton aim for this path.

Winter and autumn have been conquered by leather as the preferred material. Even genuine leather accessories such as bags , bracelets, belts, gloves, etc. they offer in addition to the beauty, the resistance and the quality of the products.

Here you are! colors that from simple reflections of light become an indispensable element for the artist, stimulate sensations, inspire us, influence our mood and make aspects of our personality visible.

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