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Brand Nivaria | Mommy bag

A brand is not only its line of products or services with their characteristics, but also its values, its images, and the emotions it arouses. These make the brand stand out from its competitors. This is exactly how a brand image is created, which could be perceived in a different way.

What is Nivaria? Nivaria produces handcrafted mother's bags in Italy. A "100% made in Italy" in all its phases. The choice of materials was a fundamental part of the product. We can say that the brand identity of Nivaria is represented by this hexagon.

Nivaria Brand Identity | Mommy bag

How was the project born? The project was created to meet the needs of women who want a mother's bag that follows the lines of fashion and style. The project was therefore born thinking above all of the mother (and not just the baby). The result is not just a simple changing bag, but a real bag for mum. This is the inspiring idea of ​​the whole project.

Attention to materials was a crucial part of the project, given that it is an exclusive product destined to last a long time. The Nivaria mother bag is made of genuine leather that will accompany the woman for many years.

For Nivaria one of the main values ​​is sustainability, both from the point of view of work and materials. Genuine leather is a material that allows for a very long life cycle, therefore making it sustainable. The fact of producing and acquiring the supply in Europe means that high standards of quality and sustainability have to be fulfilled.

Given that the innovation of materials is a fundamental step in the transition towards sustainability, what almost always emerges is the absolute absence of transparency on the specific technical characteristics of green materials and scientifically supported arguments. A trend that the Trend Alternatives for Leather study conducted by the German institute FILK (Forschungsinstitut für Leder und Kunststoffbahnen) analyzed, considering 9 "alternative" materials sold as green, assessing their performance and chemical characteristics. What emerges from this is that the materials explicitly promoted as antagonists of the skin are not comparable to it in terms of performance (above all permeability, resistance and durability) and, sometimes, with a prevalence of synthetic components (such as PVC and PU) on the natural fibers.

Quote from UNIC ( National Union of the Tanning Industry) 2021

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