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The beach bag is an indispensable accessory for spending the day at the beach, even more so if you have to go to the beach with the children. Of course, both capacity and practicality must be taken into account, but without losing sight of the look. Unfortunately, the combination of these 3 elements together is not always found.

As for the materials for going to the beach, there is a wide choice of cotton, polyester, transparent materials or PVC (also recycled). The more chic ones are made with natural materials such as straw, raffia and jute canvas. The latter we can find with all kinds of embroideries, with woven motifs, and leather combinations. In short, everything you need for a vintage and refined look even under an umbrella.

As for the shape of beach bags, the most chosen are certainly the shopper (or tote bag), baskets and backpacks.

What to consider before buying a beach bag when you have children?

  • Of course, the bag must be spacious, with a height and length that allow at least 2 beach towels to be placed. In addition to the book, you must also think of magazines, necessaire and any snacks. Then there is the inevitable bottle of water. The shoulder strap is essential because with children you must have your hands free.
  • The bag must also have internal pockets that allow you to secure your keys, wallet, mobile phone and sunglasses. It is not only the size that counts but also the way in which the space is organized. This means that the bag must have openings that allow access to objects without having to put everything outside (for example the sunscreen I will take and put it back in the bag continuously).
  • If we choose materials such as straw, raffia or jute we have to keep the bag safe from possible damage. But who wouldn't also do it in the city with a nice leather bag?

If the child is not very small, then it is ideal to give him a backpack or a net bag to hold light objects (slippers or beach shoes, hat, toys, armbands/donut and a change).

Here's all you need to spend a day at the beach 🥤 with a must-have accessory - Nivaria Mommy Bag.

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Mommy bag by the sea with everything you need - Nivaria mommy bag

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